!!!WARNING!!! You N00BS may not understand everything on this site, however we try to communicate  the most complex I.T. concepts in the simplest form(s) possible without it appearing as wizardry.

Welcome to 1337Admin, your single site to become OS fluent and truly 1337!

From the days of DOS 2.0 to an era that has exponentially exploded since the 80’s and 90’s. Constantly growing and mastering our skills in Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, AS/400, and Unix/AIX. The path before us isn’t an impossible one, just the 1337357 shall arrive at their final destination.
Even the best system administrators can struggle from time to time with trying to implement a poorly documented process, namely by the manufacturers who take a 30 minute process and drag it out to several days of just reading about it and following endless pointless links that steal precious days of your time.
Here at 1337Admin we strive to create the simplest tutorials, guides, reviews and more that even a N00B should be able to do it.
Lastly, we also bring you links of some of the hardest sites to find what you are looking for (Check out our 1337L1NK5 Page). Share us on your favorite social media sites and email us with your toughest issues that you struggle with or share how you personally overcame an impossible challenge.
The 1337Admin team