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THE FASTEST Wi-Fi 6 Access Point I’ve used | engenius ecw336



I got something new and shiny here today sent by EnGenius check that out the ECW336 now this access point is a Wi-Fi 6E access point and has 2.5 gig ethernet port on it so let’s check it out thank you to EnGenius for sending this to me so it’s showing Wi-Fi 6 with a 4×4 indoor six gigahertz tri-band access point it’s like here is the online instructions to the QR code and it’s plug and play with zero configuration so take this off and here is the access point. I’ve got the using EnGenius services and the simplified Declaration of Conformity again and inside of here we have the installation brackets now real quick for a size comparison here is the other access point that they sent me

which is the ecw220s now it’s definitely a lot bigger and heavier but it also has the six gigahertz antenna inside as well and it is a 4×4 configuration on the last EnGenius access point and I’ll link that somewhere here on the screen here for you guys I use the web portal to go ahead and set it up and this time I’m going to just connect it in here and I am using a 2.5 gig Poe injector and once this boots up I will use the app to set everything up I totally misspoke earlier here I thought it was 2.5 gig on this I was wrong that supports five gigabit Poe now I just logged into my switch and I am using a 2.5 gig Poe injector it’s a Poe plus rated up for I believe 30 Watts I did just look up the specs on this and it can take up to 22.5 Watts so my 30 watt Poe plus injector should be fine although I am curious how it will perform although the link speed is at 5

gigabit the poe injector itself claims to only be 2.5 gigabit let’s find out it’s registered let me add it to the site and finish setup wow it is so much easier in this app than it is using the web interface which is a lot more clunky so let me just configure this real quick only 80 megahertz Channel width for the 5 gigahertz and 160 megahertz width for 6 gigahertz save that and it looks like you cannot have a six gigahertz SSID if you have hiding enabled so in other words if you have a SSID that does not broadcast the name then it disables the six gigahertz on this I don’t know if that is a requirement for the spec or not I’m going to set up separate ssids for this real quick and I’ll be right back so I’m connected with my phone over 5 gigahertz and let’s see what kind of speeds we get with this now I’m going to take a look at some of the settings and see if anything can be improved because I think the smaller access point performed a bit better but

everything’s set to Auto right now so let me dig through that real quick now it turns out it was actually doing a firmware update around the same time that I was connected but I went ahead and reconfigured the access point so it has three separate ssids for each of the radios so let’s do a speed test again and this is over five gigahertz at 80 megahertz width we got 597.8 megabits down and 838.5 megabits up now let’s try it over six gigahertz so we got 616.4 megabits downloads and 1850.5 megabits upload now I am still using the poe injector I’m curious how this will perform if I connect it to a 5 gigabit Poe switch so now I’m using a 5 gigabit Poe switch

and let’s run this again on five gigahertz definitely a lot faster so I suspect Poe injector is the culprit so that got 939.5 megabits down and 825.2 megabits up over 5 gigahertz using 80 megahertz Channel width now I am curious if there is a model that will allow 160 megahertz Channel width on 5 gigahertz now let’s run the test using the six gigahertz span wow that is fast that’s 1 314.8 megabits down and 1651.5 megabits up now I am curious what kind of speeds will get over 2.4 gigahertz with just 20 megahertz Channel width and that is actually a lot better than I expected oh yeah so that’s 139.6 megabits down and 168.6 megabits

up remember that’s only 20 megahertz Channel width so that is pretty fast so who is the ecw3364 at 6.99 for MSRP well most home users will probably avoid this just on the price alone however if performance is your primary concern this can definitely kick the snot out of anything that ubiquity currently has to offer that’s a fact and with the insane throughput using the six gigahertz Spectrum this is almost uh a replacement for ethernet provided that you’re close enough now you might also want to go ahead and check out some of the other EnGenius equipment that I’ve tested.


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