Charging a MacBook Pro M1 Max with a powerbank

How to charge your macbook pro with a power bank

How to charge your macbook pro with a power bank

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How to charge your macbook pro with a power bank

Today we’re going to unbox the imuto smart power x4g this power bank can charge your laptop with 100 watts of power over usb-c let’s get started we’ve got some pamphlets and manuals unit itself and this is pretty heavy it is well packed and it has a carrying bag and a nice usb-c adapter looks like you’ll need to bring your own charger though to be able to charge this using the usb-c cable that they gave you now i’m going to go ahead and charge this off camera and I’ll be

charge your macbook pro with a power bank

right back. So, this is fully charged and how we can tell is if we go ahead and hit the power button on it you can see it’s at 100 percent now question is is can we charge a macbook pro with this let’s find out so you can see that it is running and uh i’m under the system information where it has the power information so now i’m gonna go ahead and plug this in and actually needs usb c to do 100 watts out grab one of my cables and this is zoomed out as it can get got it right here and let’s just plug it in now this particular cable it actually shows the uh wattage there that’s pretty cool let’s see here power as you can see right up here up at the top it shows here that the power source is the power adapter let me get it into frame here fact is actually plugged directly into this and

Can you charge your macbook pro with a powerbank

it is charging so so far it is at 98% on here and i’m seeing about uh 64 to 68 watts of uh power for it being charged and it’s already up to 81 percent on the battery on the 14 inch m1 max so before I drop this and start crying 🤦‍♂️😭 uh I’m gonna go ahead and put the laptop down and make sure you slap that like button if you haven’t already so who is this for think of it as uh for anybody that’s saved like a professional on the go and you want to be able to travel with more battery capacity than what your laptop or devices is able to store with the batteries that are supported on those devices so a lot of times you can’t just replace batteries in a lot of devices for a larger one some laptops you might be able to but it just depends on the make and model and as far as for phones for the most part unless you have some kind of like mophie case or something you probably won’t be able to extend the battery life without having something like this or similar but smaller now. It is a bit bulky but again if you’re traveling and you know that you need to have extended time between when you’re able to charge your devices this might be the perfect battery for you on the go.

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