Backup Outlook 2016 settings script

Backup Outlook 2016 settings script

Ever have Outlook 2016 perfectly configured and setup and then have something go wrong and either have to uninstall and reinstall and do everything all over again? Or say your hard drive died and you have to reinstall everything. So I’m thinking, theres got to be a way to backup Outlook 2016 settings so I dug into the registry and found the root key to do this. Below I wrote a .cmd file that is a Backup Outlook 2016 settings script and all you have to do is simply copy the syntax into a .cmd file via notepad and run it.

ECHO This will export your Outlook 2016 settings and save them as Outlook-config.reg in your Documents folder of the user that you are logged on as.
REG EXPORT "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook" "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Outlook-config.reg" /y

NOTE: If you have your profiles mapped to different drivew this may not work without specifying the absolute path instead of %USERPROFILE%

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