How to run a powershell script silently

How to run a powershell script silently

Running a powershell script silently can be handy at times, especially if you schedule a task to run your scripts and want them to stay in the background instead of cluttering up your desktop environment.

This has been useful with some of my monitoring scripts such as scraping modem stats from the modem’s webpage and write to a csv file to determine with time stamps if any major changes in signal have occured. It makes it much easier to call the cable company and tell them to replace your modem or inspect the lines when you have signal data with time stamps.

If you take a look below you will see the syntax on How to run a powershell script silently simply replace the path and filename with your path and your powershell file name.

PowerShell.exe -windowstyle hidden "C:\Scripts_Folder\Your-Script-Name.ps1"
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