Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack

Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack


The Dell H200 does not have a built in battery so for the sake of safety it is crippled by the firmware from the factory so that if you lose power during a write to the disk then you have a higher probability of not messing something up with your data. IF you have a battery backup that will shut down your server before the battery runs out of juice in your UPS then this Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack makes a HUGE difference in the performance in the entry RAID hardware lineup from Dell.

This is my daily driver on a couple of systems ALL on battery backups and you do get WAY better performance than before, just realize that when running at this speed you are running with scissors if you do not have a battery backup. You assume all risk and liability if you attempt this. It’s best to start on a fresh system, otherwise be sure to have a FULL Bare metal and or VM backup before attempting.

First download debian-live-7.8.0-amd64-standard.iso

Or browse here:

Search and download MegaRAID Storage Manager from 

Then boot the CD or ISO

Switch to root by running:

sudo su

Now change roots password with:

passwd root

Now install ssh with:

sudo apt-get install ssh

Now edit the sshd config file with:

sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

CHANGE: “PasswordAuthentication no” TO: “PasswordAuthentication yes”

and finally restart the service with:

sudo service ssh restart

Now get your IP address with the following command:


Now login via SSH remotely to that IP as root and using the password you just set.

mkdir /LSI and copy the LSI file here ( then cd into /LSI/

untar with:

tar zxvf

cd disk/

Install alien with:

sudo apt-get install alien

Now run alien against all of the rpm files in that directory by running:

alien –scripts *.rpm

Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack

next Install the following with the commands below:

dpkg –install lib-utils2_1.00-8_all.deb
dpkg –install megaraid-storage-manager_14.11.01-1_all.deb
sudo /etc/init.d/vivaldiframeworkd restart
cd /usr/local/MegaRAID\ Storage\ Manager

then run:
./ to get the GUI running.

Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack

Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack Dell PowerEdge

Click on IP

Right click on your virtual drive

Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack

Set Virtual Drive Properties
Dell H200 RAID controller Speed Hack

Select Enabled

This will enable caching on the H200 controller and make it perform halfway decent without having to drop $400 on a higher end card like the H700 series.

After saying yes twice you are good to go, now watch the machine stop crawling, get up and start jogging as fast as it can!

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  1. There’s a disk cache policy setting available in Dell Open Manage,

    Storage -> PERC H200 -> Virtual Disks -> Tasks drop down -> Change Policy Change policy to “Enabled”.

    I’m assuming this is the same thing?

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