Visual Studio – Tasks Lists

Visual Studio – Tasks Lists In this post, I will try to present one cool window in Visual Studio, the Visual Studio – Tasks Lists window. First if this Windows is not visible we can turn it on from the View menu: View -> Tasks List This window will allow You to create and manage […]

Input validation – Numbers Only

Input validation – Numbers Only Few times already I have been asked how can Input validation – Numbers Only be done. Well in c# it is actually very easy. All You need to do is to add a key press event handler and check the currently pressed character. If the character is what you want […]

Swap value between two variables in C#

Swap value between two variables in C# One of the first challenges when we start to learn programming, after Hello world of course :), is swapping a variable and Swap value between two variables in C#. Like almost every programming problem, this one as well has several solutions. Some more effective than others. Although one […]