Visual Studio – Tasks Lists

Visual Studio – Tasks Lists In this post, I will try to present one cool window in Visual Studio, the Visual Studio – Tasks Lists window. First if this Windows is not visible we can turn it on from the View menu: View -> Tasks List This window will allow You to create and manage […]

Input validation – Numbers Only

Input validation – Numbers Only Few times already I have been asked how can Input validation – Numbers Only be done. Well in c# it is actually very easy. All You need to do is to add a key press event handler and check the currently pressed character. If the character is what you want […]

How to export MSSQL Table as an insert script

How to export MSSQL Table as an insert script This is very common scenario on a daily basis for Database administrator, but doing this in Microsoft SQL Server is not as straight forward as you might think. To keep this tutorial as simple and strait forward that even a N00B can follow along, just “Follow […]

Basic Cisco Tasks – Configure TFTP settings

Basic Cisco Tasks – Configure TFTP settings These tasks were performed on Cisco ASA firewalls. I try to underline any syntax in this tutorial to make it easier to identify, copy, modify (if needed) and paste directly into your device. I always recommend taking your own notes for future reference since configs will vary. If […]

Install TFTP Server On Ubuntu 13.10

Setup TFTP Server Ubuntu 13.10 First to install the TFTP server in Ubuntu 13.10 get to a terminal and run the following commands: sudo apt-get install tftpd-hpa cd /srv/tftp mkdir -p firmwares/cisco sudo modprobe ip_conntrack_tftp sudo modprobe  ip_conntrack_ftp sudo chmod -R 777 /srv/tftp Edit the CONFIG FILE with vi or nano from a terminal the location […]