Headaches of KB2919355 affecting Veeam and Unitrends to name a few


I’ve been plagued by a single backup failing over and over again for a while now, well since about April I believe.

When logged into the Unitrends Appliance it shows the following error message for the VM in question:

—– Error Messages —–
Failed to setup up application volumes for snapshot.
Error in getting volumes for snapshot. Failing application backup.
Check the System and Application event log on the client server for more information.

Now to see what updates are installed.

An easy way to retrieve a list of installed Windows Updates is to run the following command from DOS:

systeminfo | find “KB”


Or if you would prefer the list in a text file run the following:

systeminfo | find “KB” > c:\InstalledUpdates.txt

which would create the fileĀ InstalledUpdates.txt in the root of your C: drive.

KB2919355 could then be uninstalled if the machine is critical and then contact the vendor for any applicable patch.

Below is a link to Veeam’s site and as of right now I’m unable to find any published info on Unitrends at the moment, however this issue was confirmed with their support team.


Unitrends reacted quickly and released a patch that fixed this issue promptly.

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