How to fix your router

How to fix your router Either read below or watch on YouTube: how to fix your router now there’s many reasons as to why your router might not work today and i’m going to go over what to check on your router before throwing in the towel and buying another router be sure to watch […]

Charging a MacBook Pro M1 Max with a powerbank

How to charge your macbook pro with a power bank

How to charge your macbook pro with a power bank Watch on YouTube or read below: Today we’re going to unbox the imuto smart power x4g this power bank can charge your laptop with 100 watts of power over usb-c let’s get started we’ve got some pamphlets and manuals unit itself and this is pretty […]

How to move Windows 11 taskbar to the left

Let’s face it, Microsoft is having a Vista moment with how they are approaching the taskbar. You will learn How to move Windows 11 taskbar to the left This video tutorial will show you how to customize the Windows11 toolbar How to easily change windows 11 taskbar customization and move left by following these steps. […]

Lumina webcam review

Lumina webcam review The Lumina webcam is unique because it is the first Ai driven webcam with features such as a wide angle 4K view, virtual bokeh / background blur and Ai camera man similar to NVidia Broadcasts feature but in my opinion is superior to NVidia’s solution. NOTE: This webcam is in a BETA […]

Windows 11 manual updates

Windows 11 manual updates                         There’s an update and you can follow along with this Windows 11 Playlist as new videos are released: The official Microsoft URL from within Windows 11 currently doesn’t work but is: If it’s not availabel for download when […]