c sharp extension methods

C sharp extension methods programming with C# sharp extension methods allow us to write cleaner, simpler and more readable code. But before we see how they are used, lets see some example code without using Extension methods. Below we will show you step by step as we will introduce the Extension methods. This is actually very easy […]

Set Domain controller to use external NTP time source

Setup your PDC to sync with an external time server Many things can cause inconsistencies with the computer time clocks that are on a server or systems motherboard.Here’s an easy way to Set Domain controller to use external NTP time source Before fixing this issue with the method described in this article you should first check […]

Use Powershell to lookup your PDC

Using Powershell to look up the PDC Did you know that you can Use Powershell to lookup your PDC? If you have ever needed to look up your primary domain controller (PDC) this can sometimes be a daunting task especially in a large enterprise environment. Luckily you can open PowerShell and run a single command […]